What is Timeline?

Timeline is a new design alternative to reclaimed wood and conventional on-site wood finishing.  Through a specially developed color process, Timeline creates and manufactures interior and exterior lumber for walls, ceilings, floors and architectural building materials in a curated selection of hues.  All Timeline products are made using water-based and low-VOC materials, as well as fresh lumber sourced from mills in the Pacific Northwest.  Each product is offered in unlimited supply and in a standard variety of widths, lengths and edge options, without the worry of lead paint, pests or cupping boards.

What sizes do Timeline products come in?

Timeline products come in standard board widths of 3.5”, 5.5”, 7.25”, 9.25” and 11.25”.  Lengths are available in 8’ and 12’.  Thickness is standard 3/4”.

Can Timeline be used outside and on floors?

Yes.  Timeline products are available in a variety of wood selections, made specifically for indoor, outdoor and flooring purposes.  Additionally, each board is sealed on every side with multiple layers of a water-based topcoat to ensure products are durable through cleanings and prevent cupping.

Do I need to put an additional top coat sealer on my Timeline products?

No. Timeline products are sealed on all sides with water-based and low-VOC protective coatings.

How do Timeline products differ from reclaimed wood?

Timeline products are made from new, sustainable lumber.  Each board is made using our specially engineered color process, allowing for unlimited supply and consistent product.  Timeline was created to give the tone and texture of well-worn planks, but without the worry of lead paint, splitting boards, nails and limited supply.  All Timeline products are made using water-based and low-VOC materials, come pre-milled and ready to be installed and are offered in unlimited supply for any size project.

Do Timeline products meet LEED standards?

Yes.  Timeline products are made from low-VOC and water-based materials and can contribute to achieving LEED points.

How do I clean Timeline products?

Timeline wood products can be cleaned with water or any water-based cleaning material.

Can I order samples of Timeline products?

Yes.  Please fill out the form on the ‘Sample Request’ page.

How do I order Timeline products for my project?

Please call our studio directly at +1 503 765 8056 or email us at orders@timelinewood.com.