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Floors, Walls, Exterior

Timeline products are designed to be used on walls, ceilings, floors and as architectural building materials in both interior and exterior spaces alike. Our range of lumber, offered in our new curated Color Series, allow for an endless amount of building options.

The Colors

The Color Series™

Through a specially developed color process, Timeline creates subtly hued wood boards in 11 curated tones. Our technique allows the natural woodgrain to shine through, creating warmth, depth and variation, while still delivering a consistent product that is available in unlimited supply. Using water-based and low VOC materials, we offer lumber that is both beautiful and durable.


Wood Product

Timeline products are made using new, sustainable lumber in the United States. Using a variety of durable fresh woods, ranging from American Sugar Pine and Doug Fir to Hickory and Oak, Timeline develops and manufactures innovative and solid building products for any environment.